You Might Call It Tower Offense

Comet Crash revolutionizes "tower defense" strategy games by placing control back into the hands of players through an added layer of thrilling offensive gameplay. In Comet Crash, a group of planetary scientists have detected a fleet of deadly comets streaking toward your home world. It's up to you to land on each comet and battle the alien forces controlling each one to save your world from destruction. Players must gather a precious resource known as Thorium to build structures and base defenses to thwart the ongoing rush of alien forces. Using the alien's own technology against them, players can build massive armies of their own to take the fight to the enemy. Instead of simply playing a defensive role, players can use as variety of specialized units and structures to launch offensive campaigns to push the enemy back for good.

Generally in tower defense games you build up weapons to protect your base from oncoming rushes of enemies. Killing enemy swarms is a lot of fun, but isn't it time to take out the nest? In Comet Crash, you use a variety of weapons to defend against enemy rushes, and you get the chance to fight back. The real objective is to rush the enemy base with your own offensive army!

In the Campaign, your goal is to take control of four different comets that alien forces have sent to wreak havoc on your home planet. To save your planet, you'll have to capture and secure each comet. The alien civilization has advanced technologies that you gain access to as you defeat them. The Campaign supports up to 3 players for offline co-op play and offers four difficulty levels: Beginner, Casual, Normal (Ranked), and Expert. Between collecting resources, building up armies, defending your base, and determining your winning strategy, there is never a dull moment!

To build structures, you need a resource called Thorium, which is found in the rocks that orbit the comets. Your ship can grab these rocks and drag them over to your weapons to smash them and collect the Thorium.

Warning: rock duels may occur in co-op and battle modes!

Battle mode lets you play against your friends, supporting 2 to 4 players offline. Teams can be configured however you want. There are 16 different maps to choose from. Fight over resources, build up defenses, and attack each other with massive armies.

There are four distinct weapons to choose from. Some can be used only against ground units, others against air enemies, and some can be used against both ground and air units. The weapons vary in cost and strength and you can upgrade to make them more powerful.


There are four basic units for both ground and air that vary in speed and health. These are the units that you will usually be attacking with and defending your base against.

In addition to weapons and basic units, specialized mobile units can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes. There are four specialized units to use throughout the game. Here is a sneak peak at some of the special units you can master.


The Thief steals units from the enemy team and converts them to its own team. If your army runs into a gang of enemy Thieves, it could be bad news for you. Sending out Thieves is a great way to supplement your defensive weapons, because it reduces the enemy armies.


This unit can pack a punch. The Carrier allows up to 20 basic ground units to take a ride through the air toward the enemy base. If you can get a fully loaded Carrier to the enemy base you will cause major destruction. On the flip side, don't let these beasts get too close to your territory.


The Gateway allows friendly units to pass through it while blocking enemy units. This innovative structure can be used to manipulate the path. In the Campaign you'll find some fun and challenging puzzle levels where the Gateway really comes into play.

Product Features: Comet Crash

  • Full Campaign with 32 challenging and puzzle-like stages to defend and conquer
  • Training stage that introduces essential gameplay and tactics
  • Engage in Offline Co-op where up to 3 players play through the Campaign Mode
  • Fight through Offline Battle where up to four players compete in configurable teams (16 maps)
  • Command 8 specialized mobile unit types with varying behavior, speed and strength
  • Build 8 structures including weapons facilities, factories, gateways, and more
  • Four distinct weapons including the Turret, Pulsar, and Bomber
  • Defend your base and rush the enemy with your own army
  • Intuitive and powerful UI for building defenses, controlling units, and launching offensive strikes
  • Highly optimized for PS3â„¢ with 1000s of AI-controlled units
  • Earn up to 12 different trophies based on tactics and battle acumen
  • Experience 4 difficulty settings for Campaign (Beginner, Casual, Normal (Ranked), and Expert)
  • Track achievements through online scoreboards
  • Supports 1080p, BGM and Save Data, as well as Video Record and Upload

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